New AV Album “Everybody Matters” - physical copy and album artwork available exclusively here

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Digital Download (WAV/MP3)-- which includes a download of the album artwork and credits


Physical CD- signed or unsigned— by multi award winning artist AV (Ann Vriend).  The physical CD also contains a double-sided poster inside

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Vinyl, which includes an extensive amount of Bonus Material you will receive immediately upon ordering


This is a full length, 10 song album. Its title track ("Everybody Matters") was released in March, 2021; a 2nd single, "Mine, All Mine" was released in June, 2021, and a 3rd single, "Anything I Know" was released in October, 2021.  The full album was released February 4, 2022.

The title track was featured in the 2021 Canadian Film Awards, and "Anything I Know" premiered on German radio station HR1 with famous host Werner Reinke, and has already received commercial radio play on several German pop stations, despite not being primarily in the pop genre, and AV being an independent artist.

The album was produced by AV, and co-produced with Canadian/British producer Chris Birkett (Buffy Sainte Marie, Sinead O’Connor, etc) it is an acoustic, live-off-the-floor soul/blues/roots album; with AV on keys and vocals, and featuring Doug Organ on Hammond organ.  The album also has “old school” sounding drums, and 3 part background vocal harmonies.  With the exception of one song all the “bass” on the album is played by the organ and keys, rather than the typically expected electric guitar bass. The lyrics explore AV’s observations and insights based on living in her inner city neighborhood of McCauley, Edmonton, and is a follow up to her 2019 Top 100 German pop radio hit “Hurt People Hurt People,” and her 2019 Cobalt Music Prize awarding winning single, “It’s Happening”, and her 2017 single, “All That I Can,” which won the same award.