There are a limited amount of vinyl pressing plants on earth, and since vinyl is in high demand right now there is a large backup of orders.  Current wait time to have a pressing done and completed is at least 9 months for non major label artists (such as AV).

The last AV album to appear on vinyl was "For The People In The Mean Time," which was a Limited Edition of 300 copies, and sold out the same year it was manufactured .

Now orders are being taken for the new AV album, "Everybody Matters." released digitally and in CD format on February 4, 2022.  High fidelity experts say it is a very well-recorded album that will translate well to vinyl.  On the radio the album has already charted across Canada, and is about to be toured and promoted in Europe at the time of writing this paragraph (March 30, 2022).

The first pressing of the album will be a "Limited Edition" of only 500 copies. More details about this can be found in the product description for this item (click below).  Those who order it will also receive an extensive amount of Bonus Material upon completing their order.

If it becomes clear interest in AV vinyl is high vinyl pressings of other AV albums will be considered.  Keep in mind a minimum 50% deposit for pressing is required to start each pressing project, so some capital is necessary for this endeavor; and the more copies pressed at once the more the cost per item is reduced.