Music Lessons, Consultations, Song Evaluations


Explanation from AV:

My approach to teaching music, songwriting, music theory, or even understanding aspects of the music business is to enable and empower people to understand it as a whole, by explaining simple and basic principles, and to jump right into making music, rather than put up barriers about not knowing how to read music, understand music theory, or feel like things are too boring or stuffy.  For example, in every songwriting class-- no matter the level of experience, age of the students, nor ability-- I promise there will be a song-- or at least a verse and a chorus-- after 3-4 hours of time working together on it-- and so far, I have always been able to keep my promise.

I am less about having people come every week to get a measured amount of knowledge or feedback; I am more about giving tools and pointers that enable people to eventually not need me at all.  People can book one lesson/consultation once and never again, or book one once in a blue moon-- or book weekly if that is what the person wants-- it is all up the them, and since I do this very sporadically with various people, and do not run a school or count on income from teaching it doesn't matter to me if the lessons are not at a consistent interval (unless that is what someone wants). 

The only limit I have is that when I am on tour -- if ever that is a thing again!!-- I cannot do any teaching during those times, as there is absolutely not a spare second to fit it into the itinerary.

General Education/Related Experience:

I am a graduate of Grant MacEwan's Music Performance Program, at which I received a scholarship in academics, and besides my performance skills and extensive experience I have solid knowledge and background in music theory and ear training, and I studied classical music for a few years at the King's University College.  Prior to that as a child and teenager I took violin, recorder, and piano lessons, and wrote songs for my school music classes to perform as early as Grade 6.  I joined my 1st band in Grade 12, after a very nervous performance at a school talent show-- which included a song I wrote at age 17 that won me my first song writing award, which, a few years later, resulted in being scouted by NYC Sony producer Leo Sacks, and led to a lot of experiences recording and performing in NYC... and one thing led to another.

For a list of awards in songwriting and performance, as well as radio chart history, career highlights, song commissions, co-writes, other career accolades, and biographical information you can find them at my bio on my website